Benefits - Milford Sound

Fiordland Link Experience will significantly alleviate pressure on Milford Sound by staggering the visitor arrivals throughout the day.

Currently Milford hosts 470,000 visitors a year and authorities are considering a daily cap of 4,000. Correctly managed in tandem with existing transport operators, Fiordland Link Experience could serve to spread the peaks to the extent that such capping may not be required.

This smoothing of peak inflows will reduce the need for new infrastructure in the area and improve the utilisation of the plant operated by concessionaires in Milford Sound. It will also provide the Department of Conservation with a wider range of management options for this destination.

The Te Anau Downs terminus will become a transport hub where visitors can choose follow-on activities such as boat trips on Lake Te Anau, a boat or coach link to Te Anau town centre, regular coach links to and from Milford Sound, or simply the return trip to Queenstown. This means the coach link will help spread Milford arrivals and departures throughout the day, effectively reducing existing peaks. This is significant in terms of current discussions about capping numbers into Milford Sound.