Benefits - Te Anau

Fiordland Link Experience will introduce a valuable passenger transport link between Te Anau and Queenstown.

The infrastructure will support proposed investment in the region such as Discover Fiordland in Te Anau, development of destinations along the Southern Scenic Route, and alternative locations in Fiordland.

Fiordland Link Experience will market Lake Te Anau as its destination. Local tourism operators within the Te Anau area will benefit from the increased profile that Te Anau will receive.

It will increase the number of visitors staying over in Te Anau or using Te Anau as a base for tourist activities further south.

Of significant economic importance, Te Anau would become the construction and maintenance base for the monorail system. It would be the hub of the project in the short and long term.

A preliminary engineering study shows that approximately 100 engineering and construction staff will be directly employed on building the monorail track over a period of approximately two years. Close to 100 new permanent jobs in Te Anau and Queenstown will be created once Fiordland Link Experience is operational.