A number of facilities will be required to support the operation and movement of passengers through the three transport modes.

The proposal includes the construction of a monorail terminus at Kiwi Burn and a visitor terminus at Te Anau Downs.

A terminus will also be established in downtown Queenstown and there will be maintenance and servicing areas for the ATVs at Mt Nicholas Station and for the monorail at Te Anau Downs.


A base showcasing the Fiordland Link Experience will be developed in Queenstown and will be designed to blend in with local physical and historical surrounds.

Catamarans departing from Queenstown Bay will either use existing or redeveloped wharf facilities, and the base will use natural materials to echo the wilderness element of the trip. The area will preferably cater for coach drop off and pick up.

Mt Nicholas

The facilities at Mt Nicholas will include a wharf, areas for disembarking and embarking and a parking and servicing area for the all-terrain vehicles. A covered walkway may also be constructed to provide shelter for passengers as they transition to the all-terrain vehicles in the event of poor weather.

The project will either upgrade the existing wharf or develop a new one. Any upgrade will be designed to maintain the environmental values and visual amenity of the area, and give the appearance of having been there for 100 years.

Kiwi Burn

The terminus will be designed to be sensitive to its surrounding natural environment. Extensive use of natural materials such as stone, timber and shingle will be incorporated with native plantings.

A sod roof of grass and tussock will be supported by a suitable steel cladding. Steel portal type framing with a combination of rustic hardwood cladding and stacked stone will be used to ensure the building blends in with the landscape. Flooring will be hard-wearing, non-slip river run split paving. The overall scheme is to blend in with the environment with recessive, low reflective natural tones.

The terminus will be approximately 70m long so the monorail can pull up alongside the platform. Facilities will include restrooms and a specially designed environmentally sensitive sewage system.

The terminus will feature interpretative facilities profiling the environmental values of tussock lands, beech forest and other key features of the experience.

Te Anau Downs

The Te Anau Downs site is a perfect location for the end of the journey. On the edge of Lake Te Anau and the Fiordland National park, it offers spectacular views and an appropriate place to site the terminus.

The monorail will pull up alongside the terminus which will include:
  • an appropriately themed restaurant/café
  • visitor information centre
  • tourism operator kiosks providing local operators with the opportunity to market their complementary services to passengers
  • public toilets
All facilities will be designed to reinforce Fiordland Link Experience’s environmental goals. The terminus will be a minimum of 70m long so the monorail and connecting coach transport can pull up adjacent to the platform.

Boat transport to Te Anau will be offered if permitted. It is envisaged that connections to a range of other excursions could be catered for from this facility. As some of these connections may be by boat, a new or upgraded wharf could be beneficial but is not part of this proposal currently.

Te Anau Downs


Mt. Nicholas Station

Kiwi Burn Terminus
Te Anau Downs Terminus