The Journey

Fiordland Link Experience is divided into three sections. A welcome at the Queenstown terminal is followed by a 20km catamaran trip across Lake Wakatipu to Mt Nicholas, a high country station.

At the Mt Nicholas wharf, passengers will transfer to all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) for a 45km trip to the Kiwi Burn monorail terminus. The ATVs will travel up the Von River Valley, crossing the saddles into the Oreti River Valley, then the Oreti/Mararoa saddle to the Kiwi Burn terminus located between the Mavora Lakes Road and the Mararoa River. This section of the journey will use existing backcountry roads.

Passengers will then transfer to an electrically-powered monorail for a 41km trip through tussock land, Snowdon Forest and farmland to Te Anau Downs.

This route will travel over the Kiwi Burn/Whitestone saddle, around the side of Limestone Hill and along the edge of the valley between the Whitestone and the Upukerora saddle. After continuing down the right bank of a major tributary to the Upukerora, the route crosses that river and runs past the entrance to Dunton Swamp.

The route then heads west, then northwest away from the Upukerora River through beech forest to the boundary of the Conservation Estate near Retford Creek. The last 12kms is on Te Anau Downs farmland, finally crossing state highway 94 at Te Anau Downs and finishing at the Te Anau Downs terminus, right beside Lake Te Anau.

Download Locality Plan (pdf, 1.92MB)

Von River Valley