Operating Details

Fiordland Link Experience will be a year-round operation with departure timings structured to cater for demand. The trip will operate approximately every hour during daylight hours as demand requires. Frequency and scheduling will adapt to daylight hours and seasonal demand.

There will be attractively priced options for travel outside peak periods catering specifically for locals, budget conscious travelers and the more flexible FITs (free independent travelers). One-way travel with return on different days will be catered for so people can stay overnight in Te Anau, Queenstown or other Fiordland destinations.

One of the advantages of the operation is its flexibility and scalability. Additional carriages can be added to the monorail to enable it to cater for up to 224 passengers during peak times. More trains can be added as the service grows, with a maximum of four trains able to run on the monorail track at any one time. The ATV units can also be scaled up or down accordingly.

Journey times per sector


length (km)

time (mins)

Catamaran 20 27
ATV 45 43
Monorail 42 33