Transport Details

The cataraman, ATVs, monorail, track and terminals will all feature recessive and natural colour schemes to best blend with the surrounding environment.


The cataraman will be capable of carrying up to 240 passengers plus crew from Queenstown to Mt Nicholas Station seated in coach-style seats. The catamaran will be 21 to 25 metres in length and capable of an average speed of 24 knots (44kph).


All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) will be specifically designed for the journey from Mt Nicholas Station to the Kiwi Burn terminus. Using existing technology, the vehicles will include features such as large tyres, air conditioning, quality seating and good visibility through large windows, ensuring a comfortable and interesting trip. Each group of 160 passengers will be carried in four 40-seater vehicles. The ATVS will be similar to coach length, a standard coach width, and will travel at an average speed of just over 60kph.


The monorail will carry 160 passengers plus crew. The track will initially cater for one train with a turning circle at each end. The monorail will be electric-powered and will run rubber tyres to ensure a quiet and comfortable ride. The monorail will be 66m long and will travel at an average speed of 75kph, with a maximum speed of 90kph. This will be the longest monorail track in the world.

All three transport modes offer the potential for guided experiences, so passengers can learn about the history and culture of the areas thay are travelling through.

Example of type of catamaran that may be used

Artist's impression of all-terrain vehicle

Example of type of monorail that may be used